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  • Desktop support technician

    Posted May 8 by veena aduvala


    The Desktop support technician, also known as a service technician, is responsible for resolving problems related to the information system of employees, not customers. He can be an employee of a user company, a manufact Read More...

  • Telecom Managed Service Providers

    Posted Mar 15 by lavanya Ext


    The telecom company has to manage the main parts of the service. For instance, a client can manage the routing of their service, while the telecom service provider has to manage security and firewall. To increase t Read More...

  • Best backlink techniques in 2018

    Posted Mar 5 by sachin reddy


    I’m Sachin Reddy, a digital marketing enthusiast and an active blogger with 5+ years of experience in SEO link building techniques. I always seek new strategies to generate organic traffic and build genuine links t Read More...

  • Laser Additive Manufacturing Technology

    Posted November 4, 2017 by James Smith


    Additive manufacturing technology is based on the principle of layered manufacturing, the use of materials accumulated layer by layer method, the digital model directly into a solid manufacturing parts of a new manufactu Read More...