Find a Freelance Site Operations technician

  • The desired candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communications, telecommunications, computer science or any related field. Candidates interested in pursuing masters can opt for it. Some companies prefer candidates with a higher degree.

    They play a prominent role in the management of the plant operation, and they ensure that the organizations follow the standard procedure and must take steps to ensure compliance. The technician should take care of the appropriate controls, risk assessments, and approvals. They must pay attention to high and medium risk activities to avoid any problems. Apart from these, the other tasks they perform are:

    • Regulate and monitor the implementation of the SCP assets with the operating infrastructure.
    • Be active to identify, and resolve issues regarding safety and reliability.
    • Ensure safe operation of the power station to avoid any undue problems.
    • Conduct regular inspections to make sure the safe and reliable operation of the SCP assets.
    • Follow plant procedures to deal with the equipment upsets, shutdowns, and restarts.
    • Work in coordination with internal teams and third parties to make working safe and feasible.
    • Organize site surveys, gas testing, and other preparations by following the permit conditions.

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