Freelance Cloud Virtualization Engineer

  • These IT professionals serve as advisors to the organization and stay up-to-date on the new trends and issues. Engineers look to review the cloud computing strategy of an organization either at a client location or on-site. With the rise of the digital platforms, virtualization plays an important role. Engineers leverage their skills and knowledge of virtualization in order to manage client-server virtualization for best productivity.

    The position includes these standard job duties

    • To design and oversee an organization’s Cloud computing strategy
    • To implement security policies and to secure method access
    • To implement, maintain and secure roaming profiles and folder redirection to safeguard user accessibility and functionality
    • To perform tasks necessary to fulfill client service level agreements for application and accessibility availability
    • To work closely with vendor technical consultants and sales support to resolve issues
    • To manage customer account satisfaction from a technical standpoint
    • To deliver customized cloud virtualization from different vendors including VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, and HP

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