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    2) The MMO industry was probably at its most innovative in the early 2000's, when it had no idea what it was doing and was looking at MUDs in an effort to figure out how to understanding gaming in a shared world. UO and EQ were very MUD like the contemporary WoW and WoW clones are primarily about "alone together" as you say providing a semblance of society to achieve a certain psychological boost to play, but steering the main course back to what has been the tradition in PC and console.

    With the latest patch, improvements have been made regarding the game's issue with rubber banding: a common online game occurrence where a player goes to a particular direction only to go back from where they started a few seconds later due to latency. Also, the issues of players suddenly getting transported outside of the map, memory and non memory related crashes, and the inability of players to accept duo/squad invites outside of the game have received fixes.

    The dwarves of the Dwarven Mine have built the latest marvel of dwarven engineering: a machine to automatically make pickaxes for the many miners. In order to supply energy for this machine, they have commissioned a new power station on the slopes of Ice Mountain.Projects of this scale are never without their problems,

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