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  • There are quite a few lame duck video game companies that have worthwhile IP and market share buy runescape gold but which don't work as businesses because of bad management. They could hang on in good economic times but the current situation will find them out. They are ripe for takeover and one of the biggest effects of the economic downturn will be the weeding out of under performing management.


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    I was put of the whole idea of gaming when, shortly after I bought a Nintendo 64, it became obsolete. Just like that. They introduced their latest model and then overnight I couldn't buy games for my machine any more. I'm certainly not going to buy a new console if that is how the games manufacturers treat their customers.

    In Runescape, Fishing is an incredibly profitable skill to gain 99 in, and it is one of the better looking capes. When most people see a fishing cape, it symbolizes wealth. This skill can earn you different amounts of cash, depending on how fast you want to gain 99 in this skill. I will be outlining two ways to get 99 fishing. The first will be the quickest way to gain 99 fishing,

    and the second will be the most profitable way of fishing. I hope you guys enjoy!From level 1 5 you should start off by fishing in Dranyor village next to all the willow tree's. Open the Runescape Mini Map if you are unable to find this. Bring your Small fishing net along in your inventory, and have your fishing rod along with a few hundred bait in your bank since you will stay at this spot for a while.

    All you have to do is click on the fishing spot, or right click on the bubbling fishing spots and select the "Net" option. If you are having trouble finding these fishing spots, simply go to the bank, look around the water beside the Willow trees, and you should see the bubbling water or other fishers at these spots.

    Then it is just a matter of waiting for you to get a full inventory of shrimps and banking those shrimp. Sometimes the fishing spots will move locations, so just be aware of that and switch accordingly. Keep repeating this until you get to level 5 in fishing. will be "crushed" and you will gain the Prayer experience with no effort.

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