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    Once your armor and weapons have been banked, climb down the ladder in Rellekka's helmet shop. Koschei the deathless will appear and start attacking you. You must defeat him in the first 3 battles. As the 4th battle begins your prayer will be drained to zero. You now have 2 options to gain Thorvald's vote: either lose or win the 4th battle.

    The easiest way to succeed is to let Koschei win the fight. If you choose to second option, then bring enough Prayer potions, food, and Rings of recoil to defeat him as he hits 1 15 damage 5 to 6 times per second. If you do defeat him, you will receive a Fremennik blade. If people refer to your game using the phrase "Like World of Warcraft but." you're on the wrong track.

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