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  • Please note that this is done to fufil WP:NOTLINK, rather than to make value osrs gold judements on the merits of any sites. FlashNerdX (talk) 12:21, 25 November 2008 (UTC)Though we may have discussed the number of fansites, we didn't discuss that a fansite must be above an arbitrary rank. What drew you to this conclusion? 1ForTheMoney (talk) 18:07, 25 November 2008 (UTC)Later Note: Yes, I know I said that it should be considered if the 4th fansite were to get close to the top 3.


    I am using a diamond coated cutting wheel. And then all you need to do is make shallow cuts along the pattern. If you used a black rock (like obsidian or jet) or dark green and the lines from cutting them show up well you might not need to paint them.

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    Urns are made just like any other pottery, but require two pieces of soft clay. Once it has been fired, you can either trade it or add a rune to it. You can then start to fill up activated urns with the ability to check how full they are and then teleport them away once full.

    They are distributed in the countries of UK,Netherlands ,USA,France,India ,Canada,Belgium ,Norway, Ireland ,New Zealand ,Australia ,Sweden, Mexico and Finland. These servers are called as the worlds by the gamers. Each server can cater to two thousand users and thus taking the overall capacity of the runescape servers to 3, 40,000 players.

    Researchers believe they have proved that just living in modern cities is messing up our brains. They conducted an experiment that required half of the subjects to walk through a busy city and the other half to walk through a park. Afterward, the researchers performed some tests and found that those who had gone through the city had worse memory, poor attention and learning problems.

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