Bayern Munich global ambassador

  • Recently, Bayern Munich global ambassador, Bayern Meritor players Elber once again to China to participate in the opening of the German embassy and Tsinghua University Bayern fans will set up activities. During his stay in Beijing, Elber accepted an exclusive interview with Netease Sports FIFA Coins. Interview with Elber for the performance of this season Bayern made an evaluation, and revealed the team this summer will be Sanchez as a signings target.


    Although the Champions League quarterfinals were eliminated by Real Madrid, but Elber still to Ancelotti this season's coaching given a good evaluation. Speaking of his career, he said that Cannavaro was the most difficult defender he met, and Real Madrid was the most willing to meet his opponent.


    Elber also shared some interesting moments at the beginning of his career. Although the national team has been suppressed by Ronaldo, but Elber is also very sincere to tell reporters as a player from the Brazilian street, he has no regrets. As the interview in the Champions League the day before, NetEase sports invited the legendary striker for the final forecast, Elber that Juventus will come to the end. But eventually Elber predicted the champion Juventus again in the Champions League final defeat.


    Elber was the most afraid of Real Madrid striker. 00-01 Champions League semi-final Bayern against Real Madrid's two games in all the goals, but also in the Bernabeu scored a long shot to complete the lore, will be eliminated at the time of Real Madrid eliminated. And ultimately help the club to win nearly three decades the first Champions League championship, as the team's absolute hero. Elber and Bayern Munich won four league titles, four German Cup and a Champions League. Bayern Munich is the largest number of foreign players, selected Bayern Munich Hall of Fame.