Azal help the team won the Premier League

  • Real Madrid beat Juventus, the team to stay in the stadium to accept the award, "golden" Cohen Trent did not participate, did not even participate in Real Madrid team toast. Sunday, Real Madrid team held a series of celebrations, Cohen Trent did not participate. Bernabeu celebration of the time, the scene played the "Cohen Tron" name, but Cohen Trang did not show up. To this end, "Marca" played a big headline, "Cohen Trent where?" However, according to another Spanish media, "Aspen" news, Cohen Trent did not participate in Real Madrid to win the celebration, because the body fever, but also vomiting situation, the absence of Real Madrid a series of winning celebration FIFA Coins.


    Azal as Chelsea's frontcourt absolute core, to help the team won the Premier League championship trophy, swept away the last season of the haze of the season, he was also regarded as a treasure of the Blues fans. At this point, an interview broke the offseason silence, Azar in the interview personally admitted that he will consider Real Madrid offer. Real Madrid = dream? "My goal is to win the trophy, if you can win the Champions League is great, but Chelsea's goal is to win the Champions League.Therefore, to be honest, I do not know what will happen in the future." "The only thing I knew was that I had a three - year contract with Chelsea, and we had a fantastic season, and we wanted to keep that state up to the Champions League.