The car would be able to drive to the wall

  • Rocket League's common tips. I knew that the car would be able to drive to the wall. Flying to the wall can only slow you down and make your point of view messy. An American football movie. The coach said to the player, "if you don't know what to do on the pitch, hit someone, anyone!" The same applies to Rocket League Rocket League Crates.


    The Rocket League is scheduled to log on to the PS4/PC platform. Two more vehicles will be added to the DLC. American muscle car Dominus and Japanese street car Takumi. Each car comes with six skins. In addition, the DLC also added "liquid nitrogen" and "burnout" two kinds of rocketing. New "Christiano" and "Fly wheel" two steering wheel modules. Five new paint sprays and a number of new achievements.