Kevin Garnett's characteristics

  • When talking about the handsome men of the NBA, the first impression of the fans should be like Parsons, Loew that kind of white or pseudo white (black blood white skin). But after all, the NBA is black world, many blacks, and in so many blacks to find some looks handsome man is not difficult, the following seven is an example. Wade has only one drawback in looks, and it comes to the face a little baby fat. In addition, it is a standard handsome man. McGrady, the young McGrady not only playing handsome, long also handsome. After retirement because of a long time do not exercise, do not exercise now a little blessing. But handsome face believe that Chinese fans will not forget.

    Kevin Garnett's characteristics NBA Live Coins are too dark, basically belong to the kind of black days can not find the kind of people, but nothing to see Kevin Garnett is absolutely standard type. Bryant Bryant, after Jordan retired, in the discussion of the successor of the issue of Bryant's vote is the most, in addition to the advantages of the data, there is one thing is Kobe Bryant and Jordan like a long. Harden ranked second, half of the reason is because of his beard, the other half is due to the Harden will put POSS, you can go to see the cards of the players like a suit, Harden is definitely the most handsome , The most domineering that person. Michael Jordan, this is the most suspense of the believe. And even added to the white believe that Jordan or in the NBA came in first place.