The green bay packers' offensive group

  • The green bay packers' offensive group is full of crisis. The departure of JC treettel has weakened the starting power and depth of the offensive line. Start cutting front right Brian braga has two season injury history, the main center Corey Linsley in the past two years, and now leave raether drama at the top of the beltway I hurt you. Hughton last season Ryan Taylor in the left front position big-ticket, especially passing protection is relatively good, while David Bakhtiari is growing as the alliance first-class cut front, left in the bowl and the best squad 2 array NFL Coins. Their health and status are particularly important to protect Rogers' blind side. This year is the draft off-year offensive attack, after losing right protects feng lang, green bay packers didn't rush to added takanawa times in front, but first signed veteran former saints seems - Evans, and continue to observe the training team of young players.


    After accidentally cutting off the top guard josh heaton last year, the green bay packers' offensive front still made the top five in the league. Will they have the same luck again this year when they lose another star guard? I can't help but make me sweat for the Rogers behind them... Another unknown location is the running back. The original replacement, Ty Montgomery, was moved to the running position and is currently the team's no. 1 choice. In the draft, the packers did not pick up the popular running back in the first three rounds. Instead, they chose three in four, five or seven rounds, and felt a bit of lottery. At the moment, the three best performers in training camp are jamal Williams, who is expected to form a second running position with Montgomery.