The NFL would rent the place for the project

  • The NFL and the city of Philadelphia held a joint press conference at the town hall announcing the project would take place in a building built along Benjamin Franklin Parkway from April 27-29. And while some details of the funding of the competition event is still clear, he said stad of the NFL Madden Coins would pay for the place to rent the project, and integrate the iconic Philadelphia Museum of Arts iconic "Rocky Passes." Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PHLCVB) takes the initiative to increase most of the remaining $ 5 million in private money to pay for other aspects of the plan project.


    Philadelphia hosted the Democratic National Convention this summer, welcomed the visit of Pope Francis in September 2015. The city is used to make great events, Kenney said. But visit pavala caused a certain economic impact last year. Philadelphia taxpayers were left to absorb a $ 8 million shot, and several companies were fighting while Pope Francis was in town. Kenney said on Thursday that the city would not be stuck with a bill nearly as big as 8 million for the NFL project.