PoE: Can We Please Have the Old Encroaching Darkness Drop Rate

  • Currently encroaching darkness drops MUCH less than it used to, it was a lot of fun turning in these cards because there are lots of fun unique maps and getting these occasionally was an interesting and engaging break from the monotony of mapping and definitely wasnt overpowered since the good maps were pretty harshly weighted in the first place, now this card is very scarce and hall of grandmasters farming has effectively been killed. The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can  poe buy items from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.

    Encroaching Darkness used to be one, if not the most fun, of all the divination cards. Drop rate was frequent enough that you could always look forward to turning the next set it, while rare enough and potentially rewarding enough that you always wanted to pick it up. And it felt good to turn in, with a range of results from fairly useless but still fun to the rewarding and outright dangerous ones.

    It allowed far more access to unique maps than regular map drops alone would do, and quite rightly so as these maps deserve to be shown off! It also tied in very nicely with the ever-present unique map completion temporary league challenge.

    Nerfing the drop rate of this extraordinary little card leaves me dumbfounded, and is easily one of the most un-fun changes I've seen in years of playing PoE. I really hope GGG reconsiders this change, as the negative impact is significant for such a minor part of the game.

    Nerfing the drop rate of this extraordinary little card leaves me dumbfounded, and is easily one of the most un-fun.

    hoarder / abandoned wealth also most of the vault's treasure piles are removed. only 1 hoarder dropped out of 80 vault maps and no abandoend wealth at all. game feels pointless now there is no way you farm currency.

    I'm level 88 and still don't have the recipe to beastcraft an unique map, and even if I did, the rate on which I would be finding the required beasts would probably be abysmal low. They did a really poor job if they thought nerfing Encroaching Darkness was necessary because of beastcrafting.