I have a lot of good memories here

  • Rockets away against the Bucks today, the Rockets Luke - Richard - Bar Mott talked about his old club bucks.

    The Bucks will move to play in the new stadium and since 1988 Bucks has been playing at the BMO Harris-Bradley Center.

    "It was crazy, a lot of good memories. It was the beginning of my career. It was always special. In the NBA's first season, the first moments and the first seasons, a new one for the city The arena is a good thing, but I have a lot of good memories here, you can not say that my beautiful memories will go with the arena. I know it will be different in the new arena. I still know this A lot of NBA Live Coins people know where they're sitting, "said Barmot.

    Barmott went on to say: "This shows how blessed I am, and from that time until now I have undergone a journey of what kind."

    Prior to the Bump for the Bucks for 5 seasons, he said: "There are many many seasons, but I remember the 2010 playoffs that year, we are against the Hawks, this incredible, when the team It was unbelievable to come up with the slogan of 'Fear the Bucks.' We were 3-2 ahead of the big score. The arena was very shocking. It was crazy that Jerry Stackhouse was singing the national anthem. "

    The Bucks were eventually eliminated by the Hawks, but Buffett said it shows how well Milwaukee can accept a team.