He is an excellent quarterback

  • "In fact, I said something like Carson-Wentz after yesterday's race, and I told him to enjoy the moment to win the championship, as we have already talked about. He is an excellent quarterback and he is actually leading the ball The team won the championship, an important reason to Buy Madden 18 Coins win the game, I also told him we very much hope that he can lead the team once again reached the Super Bowl.


    These words basically determine the future of the Philadelphia Hawks quarterback, Nick - Falls basically decided to switch to other teams in the offseason, and Carson - Winters will return to their own position, but, in the The Falcons led the Hawks to win the very next day, the Hawks coach made the look forward to the future, led by Winters, which made the face of False put.


    "You know, we're going crazy now, we'll be champions, we're back in Philadelphia, we're celebrating with Philly fans, we're going to have a nice offseason that looks very short and we'll To enjoy this moment, I am happy for Nick Fors. We will face a team-based issue, but consider it and this is not on our agenda for the next few days "