Sanchez was born on December 19

  • Mourinho said: "Sanchez is one of the best offensive players in the world, he will further enhance our young and flawless attack line, he will bring his ambition, motivation and personal qualities, let the team Become better and let the fans be proud of FIFA Coins the club. "


    Sanchez was born on December 19, 1988, and is 29 years old. The Chilean genius attacker landed the first leg of the European arena Serie A Udinese. In the three seasons played in Udinese, Sanchez made 95 appearances and 20 goals in Serie A. In the summer of 2011, Barcelona sent 26 million euros plus 11.5 million euros floating gold, sign Sanchez from Udinese. In Barcelona's three seasons, Sanchez played 39 appearances in 88 appearances in La Liga and 47 goals in 141 appearances in all competitions. Help Barcelona get a La Liga champion, a king cup champion, a European Super Bowl champion and a World Cup champion.