Once Brady felt comfortable moving in his pocket

  • However, the Jaguar defensive system this season should be able to Madden Coins exert enough pressure on Brady. Jacksonville ranks second in the league with 55 sacks. This season, defensive tackle Malik Jackson made his career-high 8-man sack and defensive end Kale Campbell tied for second place in the league with 14.5 sacks. In the third gear defense and obvious anti-pass case, Campbell can also temporarily guest end-role. Urgent pressure to Brady is a top priority for the Jaguar Defense Team.


    Once Brady felt comfortable moving in his pocket, he would not choose to run out of pockets, and the Jaguars also did not like the use of bolt-on tactics (18% of the team's lightning rush rate came in at the bottom of the league ). Brady is known as a "lightning rush killer." Since 2001, in the regular season and the playoffs against the "lightning", Brady passed the score as high as 109.1 points, scored 160 touchdowns, but only sent over 22 interceptions. Therefore, putting pressure on Brady under non-lightning tactics has become particularly crucial.