Although Steelers lost in the division

  • Although Steelers lost in the division, but Brown handed over a highlight game. Brown finished seven times to catch the ball in exchange for 132 yards and two touchdowns. The Steelers struggled against the Jaguar cover3 defense during the opening stages, but Brown still finds his way through the tightness of the Jaguars with his own personal abilities: Brown's two touchdowns face the Americas Tiger played excellent cornerback AJ Boyer this season, including the key 4th gear 5 yards in the fourth quarter to NFL Coins beat AJ Boyer's key 43-yard touchdown one-on-one at the half for the Steelers Chasing points of hope. Although the final steelers lose, but this game can be said that Brown career in the playoffs the supreme light for.


    Jordan brought Minneapolis to the good of rushing and running away from Panthers last week. Parting face right Vikings cut-off Hill Hill can be said to hand over an overwhelming match: Jordan hit the audience of 43 pass-38, altogether hit a quarterback defeat And seven times forced the quarterback hurried shot a total of 8 times the pressure data. Seven of those stresses were left when he was on the left. Although not able to get 2 sacks like last week, Jordan's performance this week is still very good.