James - Haddon hamstring serious injury

  • James - Haddon hamstring serious injury, once let people think the rockets heaven, but Chris - Paul live up to NBA Live Coins expectations. Paul Harden after a hamstring injury, averaging 23 points and 10.2 assists and 7.3 rebounds, led the Rockets to 4 wins and 2 losses record. During this time, Paul once again proved his ability to super point guards and superstars, but also prove that Mike - D'Antoni's system as long as there is a good point guard, all the problems can be solved.


    Koch-Leonard's injuries and injuries continued during the 2017-18 season. The Spurs' record was up and down, but the team still had the discipline and strength of a super-strong team - they were injured in Leonard In the background, still maintain their defensive system and defensive toughness, the defensive efficiency ranked second in the league this season. In the past five seasons, the Spurs defensive efficiency ranked the top five league, the entire league only this one.