Burnley is currently seventh in the Premiership

  • Nkudu debut in Nantes youth training, the window switch to Marseille in the summer of FIFA Coins 2015, the French Open this season, 28 games scored 5 goals and sent 3 assists, and therefore was Spurs fancy. In August 2016, Ucloud has played 22 times in all competitions since joining Tottenham for £ 10.8m, nine of which played in the Premiership but played only once in Premier League this season. For Nkudou, 23, obviously playing more minutes, he chose to leave Tottenham on a winter window loan.


    Burnley is currently seventh in the Premiership, but compared to a good defense, Burnley's offensive is not sharp enough, only 19 into the season so far, ranked No. 10 in the last team ranked first, In all 20 teams also ranked only 16th. Burnley's offensive slightly monotonous, and left wing forward Brady injured Burnley even worse, since debut since the position of the left wing Nkudu is expected to get the first chance. If Kane, Ali, Eriksson are likely to leave the team in the summer, Nurukduchu will play a bigger role if he completes "leveling" at Burnley later in the season.