Then there was a dramatic scene on the track

  • "I think we need a breakthrough in many details to challenge the year-end championship and I'm not very satisfied with the performance of this season, I can accept such a result, but this is not the result I expected. Struggling to finish the race failed to meet the requirements of LOLGA the team, while the high retirement rate also makes us ultimately failed to win.


    This weekend, Massa joined hands with his go-kart team to debut a stamina karting competition in Brazil. But Rodrigo Dantas, who drives Formula 2 on the Massa Racing Team, has had several contacts with one of the second cars on his way to the race. After a collision, both cars crashed into the tire wall have been retired, while Massa lead.


    Then there was a dramatic scene on the track, where Dantas dragged and beaten the car with Tuka Rocha and then repeatedly pressured him for multiple violations. Both were finally kicked off by the event security staff, and the scandal also led to the cancellation of both teams, who ended up as Massa's champion finally falling into the hands of Barrichello.