Stogler At the last moment of the game

  • In a Bundesliga match that ended early FIFA Coins this morning, Dortmund beat Frankfurt 3-2 at home. In the final moments of the game, Baschuja helped Dortmund to win and win.

    After the game Dortmund coach Stogler said: "The goal scored in the 94th minute was a bit of luck. We once again had a strong first half performance. People can see that we can play a good game. In the second half Frankfurt became stronger and the body collided with strength."

    "I noticed that the players have already done everything. When you finally had luck on your side, you paid off. We haven't been stable enough now. There are some key players who can't be 90 after experiencing injuries." Minutes to keep up with this speed. We took out the defense that we hadn't had for a few weeks. It's a small improvement."