FERRINOSA Sara He offered to transmit

  • Beijing on February 12 at 00:30, the 27th Premier League, Southampton vs. Liverpool. The first half match Ferminino and Salah each transmitted a FIFA Coins separate pass, the second half of the game Liverpool got the upper hand, eventually the game over, Liverpool 2-0 victory over Southampton. It is worth mentioning that, after the victory of the current league Klopp also ushered in his Premier League coaching career 50th victory. After this round of Liverpool to 15 wins, 9 draws and 3 losses of 54 points in the third place, behind the front of Manchester United 2 points, ahead of the Spurs 2 points.

    Nearly 6 times the two sides played against Southampton 3 wins and 2 draws negative called Liverpool Liverpool nemesis, the first leg of the league this season, Liverpool beat home 3-0 victory over Southampton. Liverpool recent state in general, the last round of the league home game 2-2 Spurs Tottenham nearly two league 1 win 1 level, at present a Liverpool beat the game in front of Spurs 1 point third in the league. The Southampton last round of 3-2 away match West Bromwich Albion finally ushered in the first victory of nearly 13 league games, the state has been warmer.