Leipzig Zhongwei team scored 100 goals in the Bundesliga

  • In a Bundesliga match that ended early in the morning, RB Leipzig beat Augsburg 2-0 at home and Leipzig's midfielder Umemecano set the record for FIFA Coins the club, the same team Leipzig since the Bundesliga last season The first Bundesliga 100 goals.

    Leipzig has just finished 56 of the milestones of the Bundesliga 100 ball and is the least played team in the Bundesliga over the past 50 years. Before only Menhook scored 100 goals in team history in 1967 when the use of less than Leipzig, the number of games used for 54 games.

    At the same time as only 105-year-old 105-year-old Umemekanuo also became the youngest Bundesliga player in the history of Leipzig.