Echo Liverpool has hired consultants

  • Liverpool goalkeeper Carrius had said in an interview earlier that his job was to prove to team coach Kloop that the Redskins had no need to look for a new goalkeeper in the transfer market this summer. However, "Echo" believes that this Merseyside club acquired the new god this summer has been inevitable. As for the acquisition goal is Rome goalkeeper Alisone, or Atletico Madrid Obrad, or Stoke City goalkeeper Portland, or some other goalkeeper, Klopp will seek the opinion of Hans - Leiterte .

    Hans-Leitt's name came out this week, the former Austrian international Heerg-Piel mentions in an interview that Hans-Leitt is Liverpool's "goalkeeper." But in fact, this statement is not accurate, John - Ahetberg remains the Red Army goalkeeper coach, and he is also respected Klopp coaching staff.

    According to the Echo, Hans-Leittter has been FIFA Coins working with Liverpool since the end of 2016, where he is a consultant to the club's scouting department. Hein Leetter, now 45, was an Austrian national player in player time and was a goalie coach at Tottenham in 2008. He served as head coach of the Red Bull Group from 2010 to 2015. His team includes: RB Leipzig, Red Bull of New York and Red Bull of Salzburg. During his five years in office, he has conducted various kinds of cooperation with official organizations such as FIFA, UEFA and Spanish Football Association. Hans-Leettter has published a book called "Goalkeeper's Art" book, he also contributed a lot of goalkeeper teaching CD.

    It is reported that Hans - Leiterte role in Liverpool is a consultant, under the club recruiting team, the main job is to find potential target for the Reds goal, and the team's existing goalkeeper to provide appropriate guidance and suggestions. In an interview in 2015, Hans-Leetter described his style of coaching, especially his analysis of the performance of goalkeepers.