Now Dortmund is no longer Bayern chaser

  • Saumur, a Dortmund fancier, said his old club is Buy FIFA Coins, Rocket League Trading, Madden Coins and NBA Live Coins Online no longer Bayern's chaser now.

    In an interview, Sammer said: "The reality is that Dortmund lost Aubameyang and Dembele, and there is no Royce now because he was injured, and they now have Isaac, Sancho and Pu Lissiqi, the average age of only 18. However, you have to consider the team's structural problems, consider the team's future leaders, because they have lost some leader players, such as Hummels, which are to Dortmund Cause damage. "

    Sameman said: "Dortmund is currently not Bayern's chaser, but the chaser of the top four, although we do not want to hear such a thing, but this is the fact that Dortmund need to come back with a stable appearance soon."