Making up for Cousins absence requires teamwork

  • Pelicans today lost to King 103-114, after the game 36 minutes in the game to get 23 points and 13 rebounds and 5 assists and 6 blocked shots inside the Pelosi Anthony Davis was interviewed.

    "We played badly in the third quarter," Davis said. "We played both teams in the first half, when it was often the time to decide whether we could win or not. We must find a solution as soon as possible. Opponents worked harder than us, and we did well on the surface, but we did not do NBA MT Coins anything on the defensive end so in the third quarter the opponent knew more or less that we would hand over the score. "

    Coach Alvin - Gentry said the team's everyone to stand up to make up for the center DeMarcus - Cousins' absence caused by the gap.

    "We will miss DeMarcus's rebounding ability to make up such a big gap is not a matter of one person, need teamwork," Gentry said, "this person to get two points, that person should have more Two points, this person should get more points, that person should get three points, this is the way to make up the gap. We will not allow only one person to fill a vacancy .We will not ask Davis every game Go cut 45 +20's. "