Patrick Kane has alternate in the NHL

  • Designed by Canadian artisan Julius Csotonyi, the about-face of this ellipsoidal shaped bread celebrates 100 years of NHL history through a moment that conveys the activity of NHL Coins the game. The altered "netcam" angle places the eyewitness at the actual affection of the fast-paced activity on the ice, breadth several hockey players accept rushed appear the crease. On the left, a player's stick is still aloft afterwards demography the shot, which proves to be acknowledged as the bogie soars accomplished the annoyed goaltender.

    Precise block of the net, aerial scoreboard and auspicious teammates helps accompany the bold atmosphere to life. Framing the about-face are the engraved commemorative dates "1917 – 2017" and the church of "25 DOLLARS," alternating with the NHL Centennial logo in both official languages.

    Patrick Kane has alternate in the NHL All-Star Bold Abilities Antagonism six times in his career. He has taken allotment in contest that looked like convenance drills, in which his arresting stick-handling abilities were on display, and he has taken allotment in contest in which he has exhausted Clark Kent glasses and a Superman cape afore scoring a ambition on his stomach.